Indian Packaging Association

Gujarat State Plastic Manufacturers Association,

The Association of Plastic Recyclers,

Plastics Industry Association,

The All India Plastics Manufacturers Association,

Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association,

Indian Paper Manufacturers Association,

Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mill Association,

Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers,

Indian Jute Industries' Research Association,

Indian Jute Mills Association,

Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council,

National Wooden Pallet & Container Association,

Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association,

Packaging - Aluminum Association Of India,

Metal Container Manufacturers Association of India,

Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturers Association,

India Glass Manufacturers' Association (EIGMA),

The All India Rubber Industries Association,

International Association

International Association of Plastics Distribution,

British Association of Plastic,

European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging Manufacturers,

European Tube Manufacturers Association,

European Tube Manufacturing Association ,

Packaging - the Australian Aluminium Council,

The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation,