These past years seems to be the most discussed years about packaging waste or should be the years of discussion on plastic waste. Like death and life are certain in our life, like that; waste is parameter which is more certain than any other thing. No one can stop them and they can’t be replaced with any other thing. There are daily media reports around the world writing about the waste materials and pollution caused by these materials. Figures for packaging waste continue to make headlines, for the wrong reasons. On June 4, 2017 The Initiative on Waste, Informal Workers, and the Future of Chennai, a coalition of research and advocacy groups currently led by Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG),  undertook a waste assessment and characterization study (WACS) on Marina Beach, Chennai. Volunteers from the Angels of the Marina collected 8742 pieces of plastic waste in just 2 hours on a 200 meter stretch.


Reference : The Ministry of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change


Plastic waste/daily


Collected waste/daily


Plastic Waste annually not collected


15,000 tones


9000 tones


2.2million tons!!!!


Image: Daily Mail

Who can take the Responsibility?

This ocean and land pollution caused by a lack of efficient local collection and recycling systems, and the lack of consumer awareness and behavior in this regard. This particularly holds true for emerging consumption markets such as India that is showing a strong growth in plastic packaging.

To prevent any epidemic and to make each city a healthy city economically and environmentally, there is an urgent need for a well-defined strategic waste management plan. Government needs to set a stronger system of producer responsibility for packaging which boosts recycling. Government needs to engage with industry, local government, recycling and waste to construct a consistent and coherent approach. Controlling the waste will require enormous efforts by all stakeholders to seriously implement the waste reduction/recycling strategies. And another solutions can be taken into consideration like:


  1. Using a sustainable packaging material.
  2. Using a biodegradable plastic
  3. Making a policy for reuse, reduce and recycling
  4. Alternative source of Plastic
  5. Dustbin on every corner
  6. In every city make available the recycling plant facility
  7. Always carry a large bags to reduce in carry the small bags